How #ilooklikeanengineer Changed the Face of Tech


Image: Medium, Isis Wenger The hashtag #ilooklikeanengineer has been trending for the last few days and we couldn't be more excited. While the circumstances around why the hashtag was created weren't the most positive, we're glad that women are sharing and starting to see the many diverse faces in engineering.

Now the trend all started when Isis Wenger, a full-stack engineer at OneLogin, agreed to be in her company's latest recruiting campaign. Her ad (mainly her photo) sparked some positive, and some unfortunately negative, responses. Due to that on August 1 she wrote an article, You May Have Seen My Face on BART,on in response to the critics who claimed that "she's not even a real engineer."


What's happened because of that one article is truly impressive. Hundreds of people have shared their photos and their stories along with the hashtag to show that there's not one typical look for an engineer. The hashtag has also caused the creation of an#ilooklikeanengineer generator, and now is being built to explore diversity issues in tech.

Just like #ilooklikeanengineer, we at Evolvher are committed to helping people discover the diverse women and opportunities in STEM and entrepreneurship. We can't wait to see what stories they share and we can't wait to share stories of our own.

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