What You Missed: This Week's Top STEM Stories


Tech to Teach Around the World: Nearly 30 teens from the Middle East and North Africa are attending the fourth annual TechGirls exchange program, visiting America to learn more about tech alongside American teens. When these girls return home they will be able to share all they've learned with their peers to inspire another year of girls. HP's Rising Women: Tech giant Hewlett-Packard is splitting, and this actually means great news for females, as it was announced that women will chair the boards of the new Hewlett Packard Enterprise and HP Inc. Both new boards will also include more African American representation, making the companies some of the most diverse in the industry.

Computer Science for Girls: Entrepreneurs can be successful at any age, as one Virginia teen's nonprofit organization, Project CODEt is proving.

Explosive Summer: The GeoGirls camp in Washington made use of its volcanic resources to teach middle schoolers about geology. Because when life gives you volcanos, make . . . science.

Tough Times in Tech: One woman's new study found that, at least in tech companies, women received harsher work critiques than men did — think "abrasive," "aggressive" and "bossy." But don't let this get you down. Remember that "Ban Bossy" campaign? We know good things are happening for females.