Spotlight: Flor Serna


As a student Flor began learning how to teach others. She worked as an English & Writing Tutor at the Loyola Summer Bridge Program. She assisted all incoming freshmen with essay writing help that they needed.

Tip: When tutoring be patient, because not everyone is at the same level.   

She then taught at The McGehee School as a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) Co-Educator. It was there that she taught fifth grade students her “Electric Girls” curriculum during their STEAM course.

Tip: As an instructor don't assume what you think kids do or don't know. For example, even at a young age don't assume that they don't know how to download and install programs yet!

After working with these young students she started to take her Electric Girls curriculum even further. She starting working as a Robotics Assistant and Electric Girls Instructor at Lycée Français. There she instructed 12 third and fourth grade girls under her own curriculum.

Tip: Don't be afraid to put your foot down. Whether with students or in your career in general.

Flor then went to work as an engineer at Vital Sounds Recording Studio. There she records a variety of artists’ music, as well as voiceover or spoken-word recordings. It is there that she learned appropriate microphone techniques, mixing and mastering skills, and how to appropriately communicate with artists in a professional setting. She is also in charge of teaching what she's learned to apprentices.

Tip: Be proud of what you've made. 

In addition to working as an engineer Flor recently founded Electric Girls, an education program designed to get girls more interested in science and technology. She had already created the curriculum, but now she is using what she learned to build out more programs.

Tip: So many people out there want to help you. Just ask!

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