What You Missed: This Week's Top Stories


You Can Control It With What?If you need to be inspired just look to Myrijam Stoetzer and Paul Foltin. These two teens took first prize in the "World of Work" category for Germany's Jugen Forscht competition, which is aimed at young designers and engineers. They built an eye-controlled wheelchair using low-cost parts that most people could purchase at a hardware store or over the internet. They also harnessed the power of open-source data so that others could contribute to building this much-needed technology.

Coding Your Clothes New York Fashion Week has barely started, but tech has already made a big splash. Prior to the official launch of NYFW fashion designer Zac Posen teamed up with Google's Made with Code to send the first coded dress down one of his coveted runways. Girls from Black Girls Code, the Flatiron School, Girls Who Code and Lower East Side Girls Club all contributed code to make this one-of-a-kind dress.

It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's a Cat? Trying to figure out what to do this weekend? Why not build and launch your own spacecraft like Kimberly and Rebecca Yeung? The two Seattle girls used wood and a weather balloon to build their craft, which they equipped with a cat picture and R2-D2 figurine. The balloon launched all the way to the edge of space. Attached with a GPS and two Go-Pro cameras, they were able to track the trajectory, distance, and speed of their personal spacecraft.

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