This Week in STEM: Stories You May Have Missed


If you're unfamiliar with the name Ahmed Mohamed then you might want to Google him asap. He may not be a female, but he's inspired some of the biggest names in tech and science (even the President) to support why students who are curious and innovators need to be celebrated.

Have you always wanted to go into STEM, but didn't see any role models that looked like you? Then be sure to check out these five awesome organizations focused on helping underrepresented communities learn about STEM.

Across the pond in the UK the first ever women in STEM incubator, Outbox Incubator, recently held their Demo Day. This incubator brought together 115 girls from across the European Union for six weeks and launched 35 companies. Now we just need to know when they'll be launching a U.S version.

Wanted a scholarship from Emma Watson? Yeah us too! This is why you should apply to the University of Waterloo. They announced that the actress, in conjunction with the UN's HeForShe initiative, will award 24 female STEM students a total of $288,000 in scholarship money over the next four years. So now is the time to get your college applications ready and start applying!

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