What You Missed: This Week in STEM


Remember the girls who launched the Loki Lego Launcher ballon into space last month? Well, the attention Rebecca and Kimberly Yeung have received hasn't slowed down. This week the Seattle sisters had another awesome opportunity: meeting former astronaut, Ed Lu (top right in the picture). Lu and the Yeung sisters talked about everything from playing piano in space to sourcing helium. We're excited for the futures of these sisters! And if you're interested in space, too, don't miss NASA's JPL Open House this weekend in Pasadena, CA.

Start a non-profit promoting science and technology then get recognized by the White House? What's a dream to most is reality to high school junior Swetha Prabakaran. Through camps, workshops, and programs, her company, Everybody Code Now!, has taught girls in more than 12 states the basics of programming, and now she's been acknowledged as a White House Champion of Change. Congratulations to Swetha and her all-girl team!

Paris is always a good idea and come March 24, 2016, UC Berkeley professor Jennifer Doudna will be there! This week, L'Oréal-UNESCO announced Doudna as North America's laureate for the prestigious Women in Sciences award, given to just one woman per continent each year. Together, Doudna and the European laureate, Emmanuelle Charpentier, discovered a bacterial technique of cutting and killing viral DNA, thereby discovering a potential therapy for diseases. And as if being honored at the Sarbonne isn't enough, the award also includes €100,000.