Student Insider: Sharla Chang


Advice to College Students

  • Make sure you know your limit. Biting off more than you can chew is part of the learning experience, but once you know what your limit is be able to keep within it. You can't be a good student if you're so overloaded that you can't handle it and/or it affects your mental/physical health.
  • If you feel that you're not at the right place, don't hesitate to change if you feel it will be beneficial to you. I went from biochemistry to physics before finally settling on electrical engineering. Once I made the switch to engineering I just knew I was in the right major--things just started to fall into place. Additionally, to those who have a rough time staying afloat academically, it can be tough, I've been there, but don't give up! Sometimes it's just a chance of pace you need, or some time to figure yourself out, or a change of school/environment. It may be hard to acknowledge, but once you know what it is be sure to act on it to minimize miserableness as well as optimizing your college experience.
  • Cultural clubs are also really nice if you're a different ethnicity because you can connect with people who have similar cultural backgrounds. I joined Korean club my first two years of college and met some life-long friends and learned more about Korean culture.

Advice to Grade School Students

  • Taking AP classes are always nice, however, if your school doesn't provide them, or you aren't motivated to take them, that is okay too. They do give a slight advantage, but in hindsight, it won't matter that much.
  • Do extracurricular activities that might be helpful to the field you're interested in. For example, a robotics club after school might be helpful if you were interested in doing engineering in college. Even if it just interests you, but isn't necessarily related, if you can manage it, go ahead. For example, I did Mock Trial, which is pretty unrelated to engineering, but I made good friends and got to practice speaking under pressure. Groups like these usually tend to promote teamwork, camaraderie, patience, etc.
  • Enjoy high school and do your best to get into the colleges you want to get into, however when it comes down to it, college acceptances or rejections won't be the end of the world, so don't stress TOO much over them.