What You Missed: This Week in STEM


New York City-based STEM From Dance is showing minority girls from low-income regions that STEM is for them! Through 10-12 week programs, STEM From Dance integrates dance into STEM education to build confidence and skills in girls, encouraging them to embrace their diversity and coding abilities. By building confidence and skills in girls of color, the program seeks to build a STEM workforce that reflects the nation's diversity and we think they're well on their way to success.

Coding for a cause! Six middle school girls developed an app that allows someone with a visual impairment be able to navigate the halls and classrooms of their school. Inspired by a classmate of theirs whose visual impairment made it a challenge to navigate the halls at school, the girls developed Hello Navi and won the Verizon Innovative App challenge! Now the app is expanding to college campuses to allow even more people to use the app. Further, the challenge has inspired some of the girls to pursue STEM careers! To learn more about Hello Navi and to download the app, click here.

From Chicago, Illinois to Doha, Qatar, Kaiya Hollister and Jensie Coonradt are off to prove their robotic skills to the world. At the World Robot Olympiad International Championship in Qatar on November 6, the Robogals will build and program a lego robot to respond to commands, hopefully winning the title of world champions. After winning the National Championship on September 22, the elementary schoolers are eager to compete internationally with their robot, Robbie, and we wish them the best!