New Year's STEM Resolutions

If you've been curious about learning something new, make 2016 your year to do it! Now that you know how to prioritize, you can put those lessons into action and make 2016 your year! There's so much to learn in STEM and with many skills that can be learned online for free, why not start right now? We did a little digging for you and found some free online skills that you can learn in 2016 to help you with your STEM goals.


Whether you're interests are in science, technology, engineering or math, having a grasp of statistics can be very helpful. While you'll more than likely take a statistics class or two in college, make it your New Year's resolution to get a jump start at learning it right now! Statistics can be used in any STEM field and taking an online tutorial to introduce yourself to it can help you learn the basics. Stat Trek offers a variety of online, self-taught courses in statistics through free tutorials, or check out Udacity for their free, professor-guided Intro to Statistics course.


If java means coffee to you, ruby makes you think of a red gem and python elicits thoughts of a large snake, it might be time to learn a new language.

Depending on where you are with your education, you may be learning a new language right now. Be it French, Spanish, Mandarin or one of the many other languages spoken around the world, learning another language can help you communicate with others. But there are other languages that can help you, as well. For those who lean toward the tech side of STEM, there are more than just foreign languages that can be learned.

Java, Ruby and Python are some of the many programming languages that are commonly used. Go back to your prioritizing goals. What kinds of jobs and careers are you looking for? Check the websites of companies you want to work for and look at what programming languages they require fluency in. Want to work at Apple? Their job site lists over 600 jobs, each with different requirements. To be an Application Security Manager there, they require expertise in Python, Java, PHP, Perl and Ruby, just to name a few.

That's a lot to learn and it might seem a little overwhelming. Use your prioritizing skills and learn one language at a time. Code Academy has free online coding classes that you can learn at your own pace. They're easy to understand and learning a new language is a great New Year's resolution!