8 Signs You Might Be A Chemistry Major

  1. Non-chemistry majors think there's something wrong with your face because the goggle lines from lab never come off.
  2. When you hear the word "organic" you think "any compound that contains carbon," not every single product in Whole Foods.
  3. Your daily uniform is hair pulled back, goggles, lab coat, long pants, closed-toe shoes that come up to your ankles and no jewelry that could get caught on the bunsen burner.
  4. You never bother to wear a sweater because your lab coat never comes off anyway.
  5. You can pronounce the chemical names of anything perfectly and always pride yourself on the fact that you can practically speak a different language.
  6. You not-so-secretly like winter quarter the best because there are two Monday holidays meaning two less labs to do (until the professors decide to give extra work to "make up" for the holidays.
  7. Drawing your organic chemistry homework makes you frustrated but calm at the same time.
  8. You cry with happiness when you google your homework question and actually find the solution on the first Google results page. Thank you, people of the Internet!