This Week In STEM & Entrepreneurship

Video Source: The White House

This week, the White House played host to their annual White House Science Fair. More than 130 of the country's best and brightest STEM and Computer Science (CS) students from over 30 states met President Obama to show off their work. Additionally, STEM celebrities like Bill Nye the Science Guy, Adam Savage from "Mythbusters" and model/CS advocate, Karlie Kloss, were there, too, and took lots of Instagram photos with the students!

  Image Source:  UC Davis

Image Source: UC Davis

Having trouble deciding where to go to college (we wrote an article about how to choose a college here)? How about UC Davis? They were just named the number one school for women in STEM by Forbes! With the most female STEM students of any University of California school, and with a growing number of female STEM professors, UC Davis is proving that females can rock STEM education!

  Image Source:  Jamel Toppin/Forbes

Image Source: Jamel Toppin/Forbes

How did the problem of nothing to wear turn into a billion dollar company? Just ask Jenny Fleiss and Jennifer Hyman, Founders of Rent the Runway. The entrepreneurs gave their best advice to other female entrepreneurs at the UBS-sponsored weekend intensive. Their number one tip? Don't be afraid to talk big money. More about the event and their advice here