How to Choose a College, Part 2

 Image Via  CollegeDegrees360

So you've read our five factors to consider when choosing a college and have probably narrowed down your list of colleges. But what if you still haven't made a decision? Lucky for you we have more hints on how to choose a college! Consider these four factors when making your decision and you should be set! 

1. Student Life

What is it like to be a student at the school? Are there lots of clubs and activities? What about sororities and fraternities? Check out the college websites to see what they offer and be sure to ask about these on your campus tour.

2. On-Campus Housing

Are you planning to dorm on campus? While we think dorming is a great way to meet other students and experience living away from home, you should check with your college to see what their housing options are. Some schools only guarantee on-campus housing for freshmen and some offer co-ed dorming on the same floor. Be sure to find out what the housing situation is at the schools you're considering so that you can see what your options are.

3. Diversity

College is a great place to meet people from different backgrounds and walks of life. If you're used to a diverse community, then a school that doesn't have a diverse population probably won't be comfortable for you. Check with the school to see what kind of population they have so that you can be sure to find a school you'll love.

4. Large vs. Small Schools

Public school or private school, colleges vary greatly. Public schools are typically larger and have a higher student:professor ratio and private schools tend to be smaller and have smaller student:professor ratios. Are you looking to be surrounded by 30,000 or more students and can't wait to join hundreds of other students in a lecture hall? Then a large school might be the right choice for you! Keep in mind that it might take longer to graduate from a larger school due to the amount of students crowding you out of classes.

All set to make your decision? Awesome! Now check here for some scholarships!