This Week In STEM & Entrepreneurship

 Image via  Fortune

Image via Fortune

Highlight of our week: Fortune's headline that "Girls Outperformed Boys on the First-Ever Federal Test of Tech Skills." The latest Technology Engineering Literacy Assessment showed that 45% of eighth grade girls are proficient while only 42% of eighth grade boys are. While that leaves lots of room for improvement, we're excited to see that girls are showing the world what they're capable of!

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After noticing a lack of fellow female students not being encouraged to pursue STEM, three New Zealand students joined together to create GirlBoss. Their entrepreneurial spirit has led them to create a sold out STEM conference taking place in New Zealand on May 23. Cheers to their entrepreneurial drive and love for STEM–the core of Evolvher!

 Image via  ET Tech

Image via ET Tech

Tech giants like Accenture, Dell and Intel are making room for women! The tech companies have each recently launched different programs to promote and encourage females college students in India to join their companies. From hackathons to mentoring programs, these technology companies are correcting the problem of a lack of women in STEM. To read more about what these and other companies are doing to hire women in STEM, click here.